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Stephenson County Probation Department

The Stephenson County Probation Department of the 15th Judicial Circuit in the State of Illinois is under the supervision of the chief judge of that circuit. These responsibilities and mission of this department are numerous, with the first and foremost responsibility being to insure the probationers' compliance with the conditions of the court order supervision/probation. By providing this supervision, it is the goal of this department to reduce the commitment rate to the Illinois Department of Corrections, and to reduce the illegal and socially unacceptable behavior in this community. The function of the probation department has three main service areas: the court, the client and the community.

The Court

As mentioned, the probation department's first priority is to the courts, by providing direct supervision to the clientele, by preparing written investigative reports to the court and by informing the court of the client's performance while under supervision or probation.

The Client

In providing direct supervision to each client, the department completes an intake assessment, a risks and needs assessment, a supervision plan and long- and short-term goals.

Included in this supervision are face to face contacts, record checks, confirmation of employment, home visits, urine drug tests, public service work-hour monitoring, electronic monitoring, administrative sanctions, collateral contacts to verify court-ordered conditions and the collection of restitution. The focus of these programs is for the client to make changes in his/her life in order to become productive citizens within the community of Stephenson County.

The Community

The role of the probation officer within the community consists of informing the community of what probation does, collection of restitution and returning those funds back to the victim, insuring the probationers' compliance with the court order, and allowing the probationer to make changes to be a viable member of the community.

The entire philosophy of the Stephenson County Probation Department is to enable the citizens sentenced to probation to make changes in their lives in order to no longer commit illegal acts and socially unacceptable behavior. In making these changes, the number of citizens committed to the Illinois Department of Corrections will be reduced, as well as overall crime within the community.

Alice Elliott

Stephenson County Probation Department
15 N. Galena Ave.
Freeport, IL 61032
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday

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